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The Relationship Between Americans And Satellite Tv

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The Relationship Between Americans And Satellite Tv

Last update date : 29-01-2022
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I dont know what other nationals have against us as Americans. I was talking to another national when I visited Europe some months back. Do you know what she said? She said we Americans are a very fastidious lot. She was specific and said we have embraced Satellite television with open arms when it was introduced because of the unprecedented programming options it offers. But does that make us fastidious? I dont know, but we do have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to Satellite TV. But what do we Americans really think about Satellite TV? Talking about Satellite TV- after a decade what do we have? The same set of people who swore Cable TV is the one and only TV option have switched allegiance without battling an eyelid when satellite TV with all its awesome offers made its grand entry. This was in spite of the fact that satellite TV was an expensive service back then (but now cheaper than Cable TV), and it was also pretty difficult to navigate. The operators of the service caught on to this fact quickly and went to work with the sole aim of gaining the confidence of customers. They came out within a short time with a product that was simply irresistible; small satellite dishes that can be easily mounted on almost any surface and which have the ability to provide unlimited programming channels to subscribers. This masterstroke catapulted satellite TV to the top of the market with an annual growth rate of about 30%, and leaving cable television a distant second at only 10%. What was responsible for the huge leap was the great price review the service also underwent as it became more affordable to a wide spectrum of the society coupled with its now improved programming which is now in digital format. The last point above is obviously the major reason behind the high quality picture and audio of satellite TV. Due to the rather strangle hold the cable television companies have over the localities they operate in they became sloppy in the area of customer service. Satellite TV providers on the other hand have a wider area of operation hence deal with a wider population who if not treated with courtesy will simply walk off to the nearest competitor. This is why they offer flawless customer service which has also helped bring in more subscribers. The Relationship Between Americans And Satellite Tv

The Relationship Between Americans And Satellite Tv

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