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The Key To The Perfect Database!!!

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The Key To The Perfect Database!!!

Last update date : 29-01-2022
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Getting Organized in the Computer Age A database is a collection of information, a sort of electronic filing system. Database software provides a way to enter the information, or data, organize it and view it when needed. Databases are effective programs for organizing and manipulating large amounts of data. Databases are normally organized into fields, records and files. A field is a single piece of data, a record is a set of fields, and a file is a set of records. For example, if you were to create a database of the names and addresses of everyone who lives on your street, your last name would be a field. Taken together, your name and address fields would be a record. The collection of the records of all the people on the street would be a file. Large databases contain quite a bit of data and it would be too difficult to search through each record for the one you seek. Database software allows users to run a search or query to select records. Users simply type in the data they wish to see, and the database returns the records containing that data. Database software also allows users to manipulate the information by sorting it. Say in the above example you wish to see a list of everyone in the neighborhood in alphabetical order. You could accomplish this through a sort. Another day you might want to see the same data listed in order of house numbers. You could sort the database information in this way as well. Reports can be created in database software to view data in easy to read formats. You can choose to have all the fields included in the report, or just a few. There are many wonderful database software programs available. Here are a few of the top products. Alpha Five Version 6 Database Software The Alpha Five Version 6 is an award winning database software created by Alpha Software, a company that has been developing database solutions for over 20 years. The Alpha Five Version 6 allows users to make web databases without having to write code. IT professionals are able to produce databases quicker, resulting in lower costs. People who couldnt make databases before because they did not know how to write code can now produce professional looking databases. Filemaker Pro 8 Database Software Filemakers newest offering, Filemaker Pro 8, comes in two versions a standard version for new users, and Filemaker Pro 8 Advanced for professional developers. The standard version now allows users to find records with identical data in a certain field by using the Find Matching Records command. The newest version contains commands that allow users export information to Excel and to save files as pdf. The spell check function is also improved, with mispelled words being underlined. Microsoft Access Database Software Microsoft Access is simple, easy to use database software. Both professionals and new database designers can use it. One benefit of Access is that it is integrated well with other Microsoft products, such as Windows. Access is easy to use with small databases but can be more difficult when used for larger databases. The Key To The Perfect Database!!!

The Key To The Perfect Database!!!

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