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The Proof Was In The Pudding, Or Was It The Cell Phone?

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The Proof Was In The Pudding, Or Was It The Cell Phone?

Last update date : 29-01-2022
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The Proof Was In The Pudding, Or Was It The Cell Phone? It was time once again to visit her mother-in-law, and she was dreading it. On many occasions, Jenny had told her husband about her tangles with the ‘mother-in-law’, but her husband had simply laughed it off, and said “Now honey, Mom’s not like that, you know she means well.” There was nothing left to do but to prove to her husband that as soon as his mother got her alone she would start attacking her with nasty comments, and at times she was even down right rude to her. Jenny had tried before to get her husband to walk in on such an occasion when the old bat thought that he was outside in the yard with his Dad. But she had x-ray vision, as well as hearing, and wouldnt be caught despite the number of times that she tried. As she left the house, she went into her bedroom, and picked it up. This time she would get the old bat. This time she would prove to her husband that butter only melted in his mother’s mouth when he was around. Once in the car, her husband looked over at her, asking “is that a new phone?” Jenny smiled more to herself than to her husband, “Yes the old one was on the blink, so I got this one, it has so many more features than the old one,” she said mysteriously. Jenny continued to hold the cell phone in her hand all the way to the in-laws house. Once there, they were greeted by the smiling, innocent enough looking older couple. Her mother in law promptly kissed them both on the cheek, commented how well Jenny was looking, then grabbed her son by the arm, and commented sweetly that he was looking very thin, and herded him toward the kitchen for a hearty lunch. After lunch, her mother-in-law sent the ‘boys’ outside, while the ‘girls’ finished up the lunch dishes, and put away the left over pudding. Jenny had made sure that she had placed her innocent looking cell phone on the counter top with the top pointing toward where they were fussing in the kitchen. Her mother-in-law saw her placing the cell phone on the counter top, and commented “Beats me why you young ones feel the need to keep those pesky things around you all of the time? I guess in your case it is to talk to all of those men that you have on the side!” Jenny looked hurt, and replied “Mom, you know that I’m not like that, I am happily married” “Not for long if I have anything to do with it. You’re not good enough for my son, and I intend to get rid of you for good!” she growled quietly, as she placed a plastic covering over the left over pudding she had prepared for lunch. Before Jenny had time to reply, her husband came in through the door, and her mother-in-law’s persona changed immediately as she greeted him and then continued to fuss. A short while later, her husband suggested that it was time to go home, and asked Jenny if she was ready to go. Jenny smiled, and replied that she had everything that she needed as she picked up her cell phone, and started toward the door. She stopped in mid tracks, and turned toward her mother-in-law, “thank you for a lovely lunch – oh, and for our special little chat while wrapping up that pudding” Her mother-in-law looked puzzled. But Jenny knew now that with her new cell phone spy cam, the proof was really in the pudding, and she had caught the old bat out this time. The Proof Was In The Pudding, Or Was It The Cell Phone?

The Proof Was In The Pudding, Or Was It The Cell Phone?

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