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Tenebril SpyCatcher Review

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Tenebril SpyCatcher Review

Last update date : 29-01-2022
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The National Cyber Security Alliance reports that spyware infests more than ninety percent of all personal computers This fast-growing Internet threat is one of the least obtrusive in that spyware silently bypasses firewalls and anti-virus software. The greatly effects computer performance and introduces major security risks that are often completely unknown to computer user. The new advances in spyware programming including mutating and custom-coded spyware, require a comprehensive solution that exceeds the traditional fingerprint and signature matching employed by most software manufacturers. Tennebril SpyCatcher is that comprehensive solution to your Internet privacy concerns. The following is an overview of Tenebril SpyCatcher 2006 Outstanding Features: SpyCatcher is the only anti-spyware to stay ahead of spyware evolution by using Contextual Intelligence and behavioral analysis to provide preemptive blocking. SpyCatcher enables users of all technical abilities to remove even the most aggressive spyware quickly and with ease. SpyCatcher enables you to customize your scanning preferences to suit your individual privacy concerns. All of its scan options use the Spyware Profiling Engine, which ensures cutting-edge protection by using a three-pronged method for spyware detection that includes profiles, behavioral analysis and contextual intelligence. SpyCatcher runs the fastest and most comprehensive system scans of any anti-spyware product on the market. SpyCatcher allows you to select a protection level to determine the behavior of the product. For example, using Medium protection, SpyCatcher automatically quarantines spyware and asks what to do when suspicious files try to run on your computer. It also allow you to customize your protection level to create your own preferences. SpyCatcher alerts you when spyware or suspicious files try to run anywhere on your system. If the program is not known spyware file, or if it’s a new program or a mutation, SpyCatcher’s Suspicious Files Wizard will help you determine if you should allow or remove the suspicious program. With SpyCatcher, you can schedule customized automated scans of your system. SpyCatcher 2006 automatically downloads and updates fingerprints to ensure that your protection is always up-to-date 24 hours a day. SpyCatcher offers advanced tools to ensure state-of-the-art protection and usability. From this menu you may view everything that runs on your system, manage and remove cookies, protect yourself from phishing scams and identity theft, and send spyware reports to Tenebril’s dedicated Spyware Research Center. SpyCatcher goes well beyond the capabilities of competitive anti-spyware products by using patent-pending technology to protect users from phishing scams and identity theft. This technology uses advanced algorithms to prevent false positives. As such, SpyCatcher ensures cutting-edge protection from the most aggressive spyware Additional Highlights: Protects against spyware, adware and other potentially harmful programs. SpyCatcher is the only anti-spyware product to block threats associated with next-generation, mutating spyware. Enables novice PC users to dismantle even the most aggressive spyware. DeepDefense ensures comprehensive protection by detecting and stopping spyware before it can install, providing proactive, immediate protection and reducing the need for spyware scans. Ensures cutting-edge protection through the patent-pending Spyware Profiling Engine, a three-pronged method for spyware detection that profiles, behavioral analysis and contextual intelligence. Its competitors typically use one detection model, preventing them from blocking mutations and the latest threats. Disables even the most aggressive spyware without requiring technical expertise. SpyCatcher automates the removal process and helps you distinguish between good and bad programs that you can now remove with confidence. Compiles more than 6 million spyware submissions per day and adds them to an extensive database of malicious files that are gathered via automated research, voluntary submissions from users and dedicated analysts at Tenebril’s Spyware Research Center. Tenebril SpyCatcher 2006 goes to the head of the pack in terms of its many easy to use features. Additionally, Tenebrils continued research and development is sure to keep this excellent software light years ahead of the competition. Minimum System Requirements: Win 2000. Pentium 350MHz. 64 MB RAM 16 MB Hard Disk Space. MSRP $29.95 Tenebril SpyCatcher Review

Tenebril SpyCatcher Review

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