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Tenebril GhostSurf Review

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Tenebril GhostSurf Review

Last update date : 02-12-2021
UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

GhostSurf 2006 Platinum is an excellent way to protect you and your valuable information from the many invaders on the rampage on the Internet. It allows you to be invisible on the Internet. As it stands, websites, advertisers, hackers, even snooping friends and family can easily watch your Web surfing. Information you type into sites, including your name, address and credit card number is often sent unprotected and can be read by others as it travels over the Web. Hackers can use your IP address to attack your computer, and in the process steal valuable data. Your data is visible to anyone with access to your machine. GhostSurf 2006 is the answer. GhostSurf 2006 provides an anonymous Internet connection to let you surf the Web invisibly. It works with all Web browsers, and also supports instant messengers, newsgroups feeds and popular chat programs. GhostSurf 2006 also erases all of your Internet tracks. Items such as your Web history, cache, clipboard, and cookies can be electronically shredded. The GhostSurf Platinum’s main window provides easy access to all features. GhostSurf Platinum protects your privacy and prevents Internet pests from spoiling your online experience. State-of-the-art surfing tools in GhostSurf Platinum encrypt your Internet connection and route your surfing through private anonymous hubs. This makes users virtually invisible on the Internet and ensures a secure surfing experience . GhostSurf Platinum’s SpyCatcher runs the fastest and most comprehensive scans of any anti-spyware product on the market. SpyCatcher allows you to customize your scanning preferences to suit your individual privacy needs. All of this product’s scan options use the Spyware Profiling Engine, which ensures cutting-edge protection by using a three-pronged method for spyware detection that includes profiles, behavioral analysis and contextual intelligence. GhostSurf Platinum’s SpyCatcher alerts you when spyware or suspicious files try to run on your PC. If the program is not a known spyware file, for example, a new program or a mutation, SpyCatcher’s Suspicious Files Wizard will help you determine if you should allow or remove the program in question. GhostSurf Platinum keeps items stored on your PC such as Web history, cache, clipboard, cookies and creates a complete trail of your online activity. It protect your privacy and wipes these files away to Department of Defense standards for data destruction. GhostSurf Platinum is powerful enough to prevent undelete tools and aggressive hardware recovery systems from retrieving these deleted files and can even go as far to remove residuals left on your computer by previously deleted files. GhostSurf Platinum’s AdArmor feature enables you to eliminate all types of advertisements, including popups, in page and paid search engine advertising as well as ActiveX, flashing text, animated images and others. GhostSurf Platinum controls access to your data by creating an encrypted, password protected location to store sensitive information. GhostSurf Platinum is the most comprehensive Internet privacy product available. Additional Features: Encryption of your Internet connection Blocking of all personal information High-Speed IP masking See and block every piece of data that your computer emits Proprietary anonymous hubs route your connection Prevents advanced spyware from reinstalling Full-time staff dedicated to the research of spyware Minimum System Requirements: Intel Pentium. 350MHz. 64MB RAM. 16MB Hard Drive Space MSRP $49.95 Tenebril GhostSurf Review

Tenebril GhostSurf Review

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