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Reminding Others To Remember Well

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Reminding Others To Remember Well

Last update date : 28-11-2021
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There was a time when all the remembering that had to be done, was our own responsibility. But then came the day and age of big corporations with thousands of employees, and you were made a manager. As if it was not enough that you had to keep in mind a hundred and one things, now you have to remind other people as well? And what do you do if your own memory decides to fail you? Being an absent-minded professor is fine if you are slated to win the Nobel Prize or something, but not otherwise. Most often memory loss is associated with old age and senility or carelessness and irresponsibility (the latter the trademarks of youth) or amnesia or lunacy. Does that sound at all familiar? On a small scale, sticking post-its on the refrigerator door does have good results. The fridge works like a notice board, and if it is utilized properly, there will be no need to remind family members in any other way. However, both, the fridge pretending to be a notice board, and the real notice board itself suffer from the same disadvantage — what if nobody reads the notes placed on them? Is that why the SMS emerged? To send those very notes to individual people in such a way that it cannot be ignored? However we may put it, despite the annoyance factor that every large scale notification possesses, be it an SMS or an email, both have the ability to grab the attention of the receiver of the notice or reminder. Ignoring these may be a possibility, but it has a far lesser probability of being put aside than a notice board. Clearly, that is a major reason why businesses all over the world have been turning to technology to remind their employees of the significant events occurring within the organization. An automated SMS or email can be quickly sent to a large number of employees. It is no more than a matter of a few moments. Moreover, time is not the only thing that one can save with these new-fangled methods and devices of communication. One can also save on money and on the energy that would have otherwise been spent on contacting various people separately. Thank heavens that we live in a world that allows us to use our time, energy and money in a so much more economical manner. Even if we still don’t get the message across to everybody, at least no one can say that we did not reach out enough. Reminding Others To Remember Well

Reminding Others To Remember Well

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