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Top 6 Things That Can Go Wrong With The Zune

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Top 6 Things That Can Go Wrong With The Zune

Last update date : 02-12-2021
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1. Battery Life Battery life was a major issue when the iPod came out. Now, they managed to have a decent playing time with most of their models. The Zune needs to provide a battery life similar to the iPod. We already know that both players have the same kind of battery. What we dont know is how much power the Wi-fi and the bigger screen are going to drain. 2. Hype around Movie Downloading With the introduction of movie downloading at iTunes store, Apple could create a buzz strong enough to put a shadow on the Zune player. Microsoft already announced that they would not be able to download movies from the Zune Marketplace anytime soon. 3. Weight Weight is a major issue with portable devices. Even a small fraction of an ounce can make a difference. We know that the Zune is heavier then the iPod, but only the future will tell if users are annoyed by that Zune overweight. Another important aspect is that Microsoft does not have a light version of the Zune like the Nano or the Shuffle. 4. Ease of use One of the key features of the iPod is the ease of use. The seamless integration of iTunes with the iPod is certainly the top reason why the iPod was a huge success. You dont need to be a computer geek to use it. Zune users do not expect anything less from the Zune player and software. 5. Prototype look & feel Even more with the brand new design of the iPod, Zune fans are expecting a very attractive and professional design from the Zune. At this point, photos and videos are not enough to have a good idea of the quality of the design. 6. File Formats By turning their back on Playforsure, Microsoft is going against their own fans. This is usually not a good thing! Other formats like .aa are also not currently supported by the Zune player. Top 6 Things That Can Go Wrong With The Zune

Top 6 Things That Can Go Wrong With The Zune

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