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Using Your iPod As An External Hard Disk

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Using Your iPod As An External Hard Disk

Last update date : 02-12-2021
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IPods are all the rage nowadays, the whole population is mesmerized by IPods. IPods allow people to listen to their music on the move, and even watch videos. IPods are capable of doing many different things they can store files, play music, play videos, and even display pictures. Its quite a simple idea its a miniature storage system with a screen, it includes video and audio capable hardware and software. You can load files onto your IPod, take it to work with you and then load them onto your work computer. Its especially useful for backing up sensitive data. Removable hard drives are great, but one could get stolen, and theyre so big! But you carry your IPod everywhere with you! You can take backups of all your precious files wherever you go. If you change the settings on your IPod to use I-Tunes and use the matching software then you can easily transfer files to your IPod just by dragging and dropping them. Regular Setup You should of already installed the I-Tunes software, as soon as you connect your IPod the I-Tunes software window pops up as if by magic. Simply click the IPods icon in the source list, and then click on the options tab. If the IPod is setup correctly then it will store the files wherever you tell it to store them, and it will manage all songs manually. You need to use the settings to synchronize your files, you can see if this has been completed properly by looking at the preferences window on the IPods screen. Shuffle setup The Shuffle is apples MP3 solid state player solution, the storage is no where near that of the other full sized and mini iPods, so you are unable to store anywhere near as much. You must assign space on your shuffle for use by files and then music files are not allowed to occupy this space. Use the I-Tunes software to set up storage limits. Open the I-Tunes window, click the icon with the IPod picture and click options. Look at the Enable Disc Usage area, and use the sliders to change the space allocation. Copy to and from Copying files to your IPod is a cinch you just drag the files using your mouse and drop them on the IPod icon. This icon is in my computer whenever your iPod is connected to your computer. You can copy your files to any device that is compatible with the IPod which is pretty much any computer! If you ever upgrade your computer, you can use your IPod to transfer the I-tunes library from your old computer to the new one. Using Your iPod As An External Hard Disk

Using Your iPod As An External Hard Disk

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