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AT&T Creates The Largest Free Calling Community

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AT&T Creates The Largest Free Calling Community

Last update date : 02-12-2021
UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

With AT&Ts recent acquisitions and consolidation, Cingular Wireless is now under the AT&T Inc. umbrella. In a massive move to re-brand its wireless acquisition, AT&T announced its new UnitySM plan to give subscribers access to the largest free calling community in the United States. The Unity plan will give wireless subscribers unlimited free calling to and from all other AT&T phones including wireless and wire-line phone numbers. AT&Ts Unity plan begins Sunday, January 21, 2007 and it is AT&Ts first major product offering since AT&Ts acquisition of BellSouth Corp. and its consolidation of Cingular Wireless. This plan is designed to bring together home, business and wireless calling together to create the largest calling community of more than 100 million AT&T wireless and wire-line numbers. The Unity subscribers can make and receive calls free from any AT&T number nationwide without incurring any additional wire-line usage fees or without using their wireless anytime minutes. There are of course limitations to the plan. To be eligible, all calls must begin and end in the United States. In addition, all wireless voice mail calls, directory assistance calls, toll-free numbers, 900 numbers, international numbers, and dial-around numbers are not eligible for the free calling network. Note that the new AT&T Unity wireless plans do not include rollover minutes. Furthermore to qualify for the new Unity network, customers must subscribe to both AT&Ts wireless service and AT&Ts unlimited local and long distance wire-line services. The new Unity plans are available in Individual plans and Family Talk plans ranging from $60 a month to over $300 per month. Another benefit of the plan will be the convenience of a single bill for all of the subscribers wire-line and wireless services. The new network is available to all new and existing AT&T qualified residential and small business customers in the companys 22-state service area. AT&T Creates The Largest Free Calling Community

AT&T Creates The Largest Free Calling Community

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