Cell Phone In Every Pocket

手機 (胞的交談) or mobile phones have had a great impact on the way we lead our lives. 在當今世界, where change is the only constant, cell phones have been upgraded with lots of new technological features. There has been a tremendous growth in the use of cell phones all over the world and now almost anybody has a personal cell phone. What started in 1960s as a bulky radio communication equipment to be used at the time of war, it has now become a small pocket device with a host of special features specially crafted for the common consumer. It satisfies more than the basic need to communicate. It is a fashion statement an identity of self and it comes in hundreds of models. Nokia is the worlds largest manufacturer of cell phones followed by Motorola, 三星, BenQ, 西門子, 松下, 飛利浦, LG, NEC, 索尼-愛立信, Fujitsu and many more. Apart from calling and texting, cell phones are used for a variety of purposes to keep contact information, to make task lists and daily schedules, browse mobile websites and check emails, 玩遊戲, watch video clips, 聽聽音樂, take pictures and much more. Also cell phones (胞的交談) are easy to integrate with other electronic devices such as notebooks, music systems and etc. With the availability of infrared and Bluetooth technology, a lot of wireless connectivity is possible, such as the use of wireless headphones. Also you can make your phone interact with your notebook without any physical connection. 所以, what should you look for while purchasing a new cell phone (胞的交談)? The points to consider include the service plan, 價格, 大小, 重量, features and technical specifications, compatibility with other devices, display screen resolution and a very important feature: 電池壽命. The latest features offered by cell phones are mega pixel camera, wireless connectivity, modem capability, PC synchronization, music and video player and a lot more. 今天, you can access the World Wide Web through your cell phone (胞的交談). To access internet, your cell phone has to be WAP-enabled. Many companies have created mobile compatible websites that make browsing on your phone very easy. You can get the latest news, stock quotes and game scores on the move through your cell phone. The advanced third-generation phones (3G phones) will soon storm the market and will have high-end graphical display that will enable better video conferencing and gaming experience. Everybody must follow basic cell phone (胞的交談) etiquettes. Your mobile should not ring in public and disturb others. Sometimes mobile phones ring at odd instances like in movie theatres, 婚禮, 葬禮, important official meetings, 等。, and to top it the fancy ring tones disturb everybody else around you. 你應該保持你的手機在靜默模式下,當你在一個公共的地方,你一定不要在開車時一起說話手機上. 這可能會把你放在麻煩在許多國家,如手機濫用上有高額罰款. 手機 (胞的交談) 已成為內在我們生活的一部分,我們大多數人不能想像沒有它的一天. 鈴聲, 調用方的曲調, 手機遊戲, 相機, 發短信, 彩信和視頻消息, 音訊和視頻錄製和查看仍然是未足夠. 新科技的發展往往以減少尺寸和重量, increase speed, provide a better user interface, to pack more high-definition features into a small pocket device. With GPS (全球定位系統) 能力, cell phones have become so useful that a person carrying one could be located to a range of a few meters, anywhere on the globe! GPS cell phones are important devices in locating users in emergency situations, which allows emergency services to be quickly dispatched. Cell Phone In Every Pocket

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