Various Types Of Voip Equipment

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VOIP telephone is a form of latest technology which has proved to be a successful mode of telecommunication. The main equipment required in its operation is a “Broadband Internet Connection” along with telephone, telephone adaptor, phone jack, DSL or cable modem, and a computer. Broadband internet connection is a net connection possessing high speed. Role Of Broadband Internet Connection In VOIP Phone Services Broadband internet connection plays a significant role in the functioning of VOIP phones. One can easily have this net connection by using a cable modem or a high speed service like DSL. In setting VOIP connection, the phone is connected directly to the computer system or through telephone adaptor. The main purpose of this connection is to transform the analog signal into distributed digital data which is then forwarded to the broadband internet connection to complete a call. The Advantages Of VOIP Equipment The overall performance in terms of quality and reliability of VOIP telephone system is totally dependent upon features of the broadband internet connection like its quality, reliability, and speed. The three main advantages of using VOIP equipment are mentioned below: 1 – By having a broadband internet connection, you can easily save your money by not purchasing another telephone in order to make phone calls so you can use your traditional phone for having a complete VOIP telephone system. 2 – By having a broadband internet connection, you can easily talk to the people all around the globe and you can even chat with many people at the same time without any extra expense if they also possess a net connection. 3 – The use of VOIP phone system has helped a lot in having a control over the monthly telephone expenses hence it is helping a lot economically. Disadvantages Of the VOIP Phone System Though, the VOIP phone system possesses numerous advantages, but it also possesses a darker side. If the internet connection or the power supply gets cut off then the whole system of VOIP goes down. Because of this break down, the complete communication through the VOIP system also gets collapsed. This problem can be rectified by having a battery back up which should be similar to an uninterruptible power supply or UPS. There is another option to tackle the situation of a break down by making a setting of VOIP system in such a manner that it will automatically forward the phone calls to the cell phone if a sudden break down takes place. But this option has to be worked upon in advance. Various Types Of VOIP Equipment The whole VOIP telephone system is composed of various VOIP equipments that are mentioned below: 1 – Computer: To have a set up of VOIP telephone system, you should possess a computer which should be compatible to a broadband internet connection because the results in terms of quality will not be superb if you opt for a dial up internet connection. 2 – Sound Card: The next most important thing that should be there to have a VOIP phone system is the presence of sound card in your computer in order to have voice clarity while hearing. You can also replace the use of sound card by using an IP phone or phone adapter. A microphone will also be needed for dialing and talking purpose. 3 – VOIP Provider: You should download the software from internet that allows the services of VOIP phones. It is always recommended to download the software of the reputated company. The installation of the software is also a very easy task. 4 – Adapter: It permits the connection of a regular phone to your computer. Therefore, VOIP phone system has proved to be a gift of technology and has helped a lot of people in business. Various Types Of Voip Equipment

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・ Various Types Of Voip Equipment

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