The Benefits Of Microsoft CRM

There are several good customer relationship management software programs on the market but Microsoft CRM is by far your best choice because of the benefits it has to offer. The biggest benefit is that it integrates with Microsoft Business Solutions for Financial Management, Microsoft Office, and other systems to that you get a complete picture of your customer. Its important to note just how easy it is to integrate Microsoft CRM with Microsoft Office. Because it is so easy it enables your employees to access Microsoft Dynamics CRM right from their Microsoft Office Outlook whether they are working online or offline. Its a great tool for your sales department and it takes little training to make it happen. In fact here are just a few of the benefits that are a result of this integration: 1. Increased Sales Implement Microsoft CRM and watch the success of your sales department blossom before your eyes. You can quickly shorten the sales cycle but you can also close more leads with fewer missed opportunities. Your sales system is now automated including your order management and your quotes. 2. Efficient Customer Service You are about to take your customer service up a notch or two offering efficient state of the art service with a knowledgebase thats shared and an automated routing and queuing system. It makes it easier for staff and it also makes for much happier customers. 3. Informed Decisions No more shooting in the dark. Now you will be able to make informed decision by using the comprehensive reports. You can look at current sales and forecast future sales, measure performance, business activity, and evaluate sales, and the service department. You can also identify trends. 4. Work With Outlook You can integrate Microsoft CRM with your Microsoft Outlook seamlessly and with your sales functionality right at your fingertips. Work either online or offline. 5. Share Information Information is power and the quicker and easier you can share information across departments the better the value to the entire company. You have updated information right at your fingertips anytime and anywhere. 6. Ease of Use Microsoft CRM is designed to be easy to use for the sales teams and other staff with very little training required. After all youve got more important things to do then spend time in training right? 7. Customize It The software works with your company rather than you trying to work within the software. That means you can customize it to meet your business needs and workflow process. Its as easy as 1, 2, 3. 8. Powerful & Integrated Heres a software package that is so powerful because it is so integrated with other Microsoft products. Microsoft CRM makes is easy and quick for employees to share data among themselves. So whether you are in sales, marketing, or accounting with just a couple of mouse clicks everything is at your fingertip. Use it for a little while and the benefits of Microsoft CRM will quickly become clear! The Benefits Of Microsoft CRM

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・ The Benefits Of Microsoft CRM

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