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Lets face it.Starting a new website with the hope of achieving a large amount of targeted visitors is a very difficult task. This is mainly due to the fact that one has to go about doing link building in order to gain higher page ranks, which will ultimately result in better search engine rankings, and finally more targeted traffic.Link building is an essential part of website optimisation.Building backlinks to obtain a higher ranking in search engines can be a tedious task if you do not have the knowledge.This however,is only one of the many important components of a successful website. Other factors include relevant page content, correct optimisation of your meta tags,linking with other websites in the same niche and most importantly, your keywords used.Most people are unfortunately unaware of these important factors which are essential for a websites success.When I started my first commercial based website I was unaware of the many important Search Engine Optimisation techniques mentioned above, and as a result my websites never took off.Only after a while did I realise things such as the importance of linking to other websites in my niche. But how time consuming it was having to search for hours trying to find the right place with little or no luck. Now there are many software programs out there which claim to help people in search engine optimisation.The question is which one to choose.Factors you should look at include the ability to analyze your competitors’ sites, search term popularity of those sites and keywords, how many back links competitors have,keyword analysis as well as where those websites link to.In my experience the answer to all these questions comes from a highly effective program called “Traffic Travis”.For those of you who are serious about SEO, this is the one for you.For more information on this program please check out my homepage below. Top Website Optimisation Software Review

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