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Telford waa meel weyn oo loogu talagalay dadka si ay u booqdaan iyo sidoo kale ku nool iyo shaqada. Magaalada waa mid aad u casri ah iyo waa in la barbardhigo fiiqan si baadiyaha ku xeeran Shropshire. Telford waxaa loogu talagalay magaalada cusub ee 1963 oo markii hore la horumariyo si loo yareeyo tirada dadka badan ee Birmingham iyo DALKA Black. Telford ayaa haatan si ballaaran loo yaqaan ishaartay ee kacaankii warshadaha; Ironbridge is a World Heritage Site and is visited by thousands of people from all over the world every year. With 10 museums including Blist Hill Victorian Town, Enginuity, Coalbrookdale Musuem of Iron, Jackfield Tile Museum and Coalport China Museum. All of these museums will give you a great insight into the history of the industrial revolution. Telfords central location makes it a perfect base for exploring the regions many attractions. The M54 motorway runs right through the town linking Telford with the M6 and the rest of the UKs motorway network. It is a modern town with great shopping and business facilities. There are many wonderful places to visit in and around Telford and the town is and is recognised as an important growth point in the West Midlands region. If you live in the Telford area and have a business and are thinking having a website designed for your company then you need think about a few important factors. Do you have a domain name? Do you need hosting? What is your budget? Do you need an ecommerce website with a shopping trolley to sell products? Will you need to update your site yourself in the future? Once you have answered these questions you can then go about finding a good company that offer all of these services. Finding a competent company that has a portfolio of work is very helpful. You can look through their portfolio and see some of the websites they have designed for previous customers. The eCommerce design is very important to the success of any web site. You want to be sure that your website is designed right. One of the first things you notice about a website is whether it is pleasant to the eye. Bright flashing coloured text is very off putting as is a flash intro. A very important key is to make sure your site loads quickly. You will loose a great deal of customers if your pages take over 5 seconds inay ku shuban. It is a lot easier if you can find a company that can do everything for you. A company that can sell you the domain name as well as the hosting. Some hosting companies also offer web design which would make the whole experience a lot easier. Dealing with the same people for your domain name, martigelin, email, web design makes the who process a lot easier. For one you only need one contact telephone number. A company with good customer support is a must. Not all companies offer this and this and it can be very frustrating. You want to know that if you have any trouble you can just call for customer support or technical support. Telford Web Design

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