Samsung U600 – Martin’s Quick Take

The Samsung U600 is an ultra-slim, super sexy slider phone loaded with features, but the look alone is enough to make most users fall in love at first sight. This lightweight, 2mm thin mobile slides right into your pocket and you will never even know its there! The U600 sports a sleek design in a subtle blue color and there are rumors that the phone may be available in other hues in the future. Like the E900, Samsung has made the soft keys, as well as the talk and end keys, touch sensitive buttons in this model. Many users were unsatisfied with these in the E900, and may feel the same about the U600, but the keys will automatically lock when a call is placed to prevent ending a call. The touch sensitive keys may still result in accidentally placed calls however. The U600 sports a large color screen with a special contrast setting for great clarity even in sunlight. The phone slides open effortlessly to reveal the small and simple keypad. The keys are easy to use, but closely spaced which may pose problems for larger fingers. The camera is neatly positioned on the back of the phone, not only protecting it, but not interrupting the phones smooth design. As if good looks arent enough, the Samsung U600 offers a great line of features. The 3.2 megapixel camera features auto focus and an LED flash, as well as digital zoom capabilities. The picture quality is great for multimedia messages or even prints as long as theyre small. The camera can also be used to capture images of business cards and then transfer the information into your phonebook through name recognition technology. The U600s music player doesnt leave much to be desired. It supports a variety of formats, including some Windows Media files, and offers a number of play list features. The FM radio can be listened to through the included headphones. The U600 does not allow the use of other headphones, but your own music tracks can be played through the phones speaker or through a wireless headset with Bluetooth technology. The internal memory of the U600 is unimpressive at only 60MB, but the microSD memory card can be expanded to hold up to 2GB of music, pictures, and more. The U600 also offers great connectivity options, boasting new EDGE technology, and a number of excellent productivity applications, including a smart search that allows you to search for and find any file on your phone in seconds. Overall, the Samsung U600 is a great looking, light phone that is easy and fun to use. It is packed with popular features and provides excellent performance in battery life as well as call clarity. Except for a few minor flaws, like the possible annoyance of the touch sensitive keys, the U600 is a near perfect slider phone that is sure to turn heads. Samsung U600 – Martin’s Quick Take

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・ Samsung U600 – Martin’s Quick Take

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