Samsung D840 – Integrating Style With Technology

The Samsung D840 has set itself apart as one of the best looking slide phones available. Its sleek, curvy design appeals to all types of mobile phone users and its classy silver finish makes a very sophisticated phone. Not only is the D840 attractive, measuring only 12 mm, it is the thinnest slide phone in Samsungs line up. The chic design of the D840 closely resembles the trendy LG Shine, while the functionality and features of the phone are very similar to the Samsung E900. The large, reflective display screen offers outstanding quality, and the slide is smooth and very simple to operate. The navigation keys just below the screen are also easy to use, though the center key is designated as an internet button rather than the more common menu selection. Typical to slide phones, the D840 features a flat keyboard that is responsive and user friendly. The user interface is also great for all levels of mobile phone users. Navigation through the menus is quick and easy. The D840 features a series of numbered pop-up menus to walk users through each option with the touch of a button. The Samsung D840 also features a 2 megapixel camera that is capable of recording video as well capturing digital pictures. While the D840s camera doesnt compare to the quality and clarity of the D900 camera phone, a 3 megapixel version that includes auto-focus, the D840 still performs better than many other camera phones on the market. The placement of the camera, however, somewhat interferes with the sleek design of the phone as it protrudes from the otherwise smooth back. Users can download ring tones, games, and other applications with little worry of overloading the D840. The phone features 80 MB of internal memory, as well as the convenience of adding an external microSD memory card. The expandable memory slot is easy to access, even with such a thin phone, because its located on the right side of the handset rather than the more common location behind the battery. The versatility of using downloaded ring tones on the D840 leaves something to be desired, however. MP3 ring tones can only be set to ring, and there is no option to set these tones to vibrate. Only a select few of the available ring tones can be set to vibrate and ring, creating a big inconvenience for many mobile phone users. The D840s music player supports a variety of formats, including MP3 and AAC, and provides quality sound through either the speaker or the designated headphones. The phone doesnt feature an external 3.5 mm jack for other headphones that may include MP3 controls. Another drawback to this music player, common to many Samsung mobiles, is the lack of FM radio. While the Samsung D840 may not be the most advanced mobile phone regarding its features and performance, this trendy phone makes up for it in style and looks. The D840 is an easy to use mobile camera phone with one of the hottest designs available in slide phones. If you are looking for a simple, easy to use phone that looks absolutely terrific, the D840 is ideal. Samsung D840 – Integrating Style With Technology

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・ Samsung D840 – Integrating Style With Technology

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