Questions to ask your toll-free virtual pbx provider?

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Questions to ask your toll-free virtual pbx provider? Choosing your virtual-pbx provider can become a daunting task if you are new to the concepts. Below is a list of items you may wish to shop around before you finalize your service provider. 1.Virtual PBX Services: Many of the toll-free providers simply route the calls to a local number without presenting the various virtual pbx options such as call-hunt, follow-me, auto attendant, voicemail, dial-by-name, business hours greeting and non business hours greeting etc. Make sure these services are enabled and are provided free of cost to you. 2. Check for double-billing and cancellation charges: Most of them double bill and you may want to stay away from these providers. This will save you from surprises and hidden charges in future. Be sure to read the terms and conditions for hidden cancellation charges. They go as much as $100. 3. Auto-Attendant with voicemail: An auto attendant with an option to record your own voice as welcome greeting is a must for every business. 800PBX provides free greeting done by a professional artist. 4. Call-forwarding: Many providers forward calls however they are usually sent to your cell phones voicemail and not properly screened for a live person. 800PBX prompts for user input to avoid redirection to local voicemails. 5. Call-blocking and custom greetings: Expect lot of spam calls and your provider should be able to give you an option to prevent calls from user-defined numbers. 800PBX allows you to play a recorded message for the calls coming from user-defined numbers. The system hangs up after playing a message. (XYZ corporation does not entertain calls from this number. Please hang up and call us from a different number if required.) 6. Call-recording: Your business may require you to record all calls in order to maintain call records and for quality-training purposes. 800PBX offers this feature free of cost. 7. Fax: With an ability to send and receive faxes on internet, you save few dollars in buying and maintaining fax machines. 8. Dedicated local number: Your business will expand in future and you should be ready to add more numbers from each state. 9. Once you choose a service provider, look out if he is a reseller or someone who rents or leases the toll-free numbers. It is wise to opt your toll-free number from a direct seller. 10. Online panel and extension login: Be sure to enquire about the online panel features and check if each extension user can create his or her own rules. 11. If you have a website, make sure your provider gives your online customers to call you directly using web dial feature. If you use email for your business, an option to contact you from your outlook signature would help.

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・ Questions to ask your toll-free virtual pbx provider?

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