NAB2007 – The IPTV Tortoise And The Headless Chickens

As usual the National Association of Broadcasters show held in Las Vegas proved very interesting. Ineoquest Technologies, recently rated in the top 10 fastest growing businesses by the Boston Journal, made several announcements which shocked many attendees into silence. Having established themselves as the leading IPTV QOS equipment vendor over the last 6 years. Ineoquest customers number in the hundreds and come from every aspect of IPTV deployments around the world. Over the last year or so, some of the larger test equipment providers have been biting at Ineoquests heels releasing their own IP interfaces for their existing video test platforms. This seems to have served only to make Ineoquest create new products and features even faster than before. As other equipment providers start announcing new releases to their equipment, that are just introducing features which Ineoquest have had for many months, Inequest released a whole new range of products with interfaces including WiFi, ADSL2, ASI etc. ALL Ineoquest equipment can be fed into their IP Video Management System (iVMS), which has the effect of ensuring that no matter how large or diverse an IPTV system is, all of the data their equipment collects can be monitored, collated, and reported on within the same overall system. The Ineoquest ‘Pinpoint’ concept of “ALL Video in ALL Places – ALL Of The Time” is a reality for any IPTV system owner. The fact that they’ve been consistently making money in a market where many companies are going out of business or returning to finance multiple times, probably accounts for their amazing growth. So it seems that while many equipment vendors are trying to ‘talk a good game’, Ineoquest are quietly solving peoples problems and providing solutions way ahead of anything else in the market – and that’s just based on what they already have in the marketplace, which it seems is always just a fraction of what they’re working on. While others are trying to catch up with what Ineoquest are already doing, the Ineoquest team are running a faster race behind the scenes than anyone can keep up with. Having seen many companies fall at the first hurdle in this competitive market, the fact that Ineoquest have consistently been profitable is an indication that this is a company that can thrive and innovate while also getting product to market. The battle that should resemble David and Goliath(s), has turned into the fastest tortoise in the world Vs the headless chickens. It’ll be very interesting to see what they have yet to annouce. NAB2007 – The IPTV Tortoise And The Headless Chickens

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・ NAB2007 – The IPTV Tortoise And The Headless Chickens

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