Mystery ໃນກ້ອງ PSP ເປີດເຜີຍ!

The Portable Camera for Sony PlayStation has been the topic of a whole lot of attention but very little info in the long way of its release. So here is some info about PSP camera. If you are already familiar with the Wii photo mode, for sure you will recognize a lot of that design in this PSP camera perception for photo/video management. ໄດ້ 1.3 mega pixel camera’s software let you enjoy the functions of a robust photo viewer and even a photo editor. Press a button and you can view all of your photos in a slide show, complete with a diversity of effects. You can have your series of sequences play back in black-and-white or reverse, amongst a series of assigned or randomly-chosen effects. The editing software for PSP camera also let you make your pictures and videos more attractive, transmitting some of the effects detailed above as well as adding new abilities. If you wish to put funny glasses and a mustache on a PSP for example, go and do it. For videos, you can put names and limitations around clips (There are a total of 72 different modifications you can make to your media with the software, including background music playback. Videos can be taken at full PSP res (480×272) ທີ່ 30 fps for up to 15 ວິນາທີ; photos can be taken at either 480×272 or 640×480. The camera costs about 5000 yen, which is approximately $50. Using the PSP Camera is rather easy. The camera can spin 180 degrees, so you can either face the camera from the PSP screen either back at yourself or at your subject, or you can wind it around and use a more traditional view with the PSP’s screen acting as your big viewfinder. The camera has a digital zoom function, which isn’t so ideal in execution because it jumps in steps of zoom rather than easily zooming through various levels. This type of camera does not have the same kinds of problems of time-delay in revive rate as the E3 2006 demo version of the PSP camera did, so that hopefully will not be an concern. In previous announcements, indications seemed to be that the PSP Camera would snap pictures and videos directly to your Memory Card, just as standard media for the PSP to handle and trade, but the TGS build created nervousness for how Sony really intends to handle the feature. The videos can actually betransmittedto AVI for playback on a PC, according to recent information, but how the video is exchanged and why AVI (when modern PCs can use PSP’s MPEG4 formats just fine, assuming this shoots in that format) is still unknown. Also discomforting was that there was a demonstration of this new camera and on demonstration on hand of the PSP camera there was no smart Eye Toy Portable to show it off. No Game Face or in-game photo feature to recognize your online log-in in if the game might support such a feature. No games of any kind using the PSP camera. There wasnt shown any online photo/video operations in the function, or anything else for the use of this new accessory. No PS3 implementation was detailed either. All you could do here was take pictures and mess around. Mystery ໃນກ້ອງ PSP ເປີດເຜີຍ!

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・ The Mystery Of PSP Camera Unveiled!

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