Kick Those Pop Ups Into Touch With A Handy Little Blocker!

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Weve all been there, youre browsing through a great little site minding your own business, when all of a sudden a pop up shoots up. You click the close button and it goes away, only to come back again a few seconds later. This goes on for as long as you are on the site and it really starts to drive you insane. Whilst they are annoying enough, there are also more sinister pop ups. Ones that, when they pop up, as soon as you try and close them, they bring up about fifty more. These particular pop ups are the worst and they drive many Internet users insane to the point that they turn their computer off completely, just to get away from them. Now, most pop ups are safe and they are just a little annoying. However, there are some that can really affect your computer. Some carry viruses and others can save cookies to your computer, so that every time you log in, up comes that pop-up. There are several types of software that can delete cookies and get rid of all traces of pop ups. The best way to stop them completely however, is to install a pop up blocker that will prevent them from popping up right from the start. There are several different types of pop up blockers including: Serial Pop Up Blockers These pop up blockers block absolutely all pop ups. Now, not all pop ups are actually bad, some are useful, new windows which we have asked to be uploaded. This pop up blocker cannot distinguish between the two, so it simply fails to upload any type of pop up. While this is obviously great for those annoying little pop ups, it can be equally as annoying having to keep switching the pop up blocker on and off whenever you need certain pop ups! Trainable Pop Up Blockers This type of pop up blocker just needs to be shown the way. Each time a bad pop up shows up you have to tell the blocker to close it. After you have shown it a few times what a bad pop up and a good pop up is, it should remember and get rid of the bad ones automatically. These are great pop up blockers to use and they keep your important pop ups if you need them. Intelligent Pop up Blocker These pop up blockers are absolute stars. They know exactly what pop ups are ads and which ones are important, without you having to tell them. Obviously if you can find one of these programs, it will be a lot better for you than any other. However, they are likely going to be more expensive. Overall, pop up blockers are extremely good pieces of software to have installed on your computer. Not only do they make life a lot more stress free, but they can also protect your computer from nasty viruses. So what are you waiting for? Download a pop up blocker today! Kick Those Pop Ups Into Touch With A Handy Little Blocker!

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・ Kick Those Pop Ups Into Touch With A Handy Little Blocker!

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