Get The Most From Your Hand Held Magnifying Lens

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It is common for jewelers, craftsmen and quality controllers to use magnifying glasses to enlarge the appearance of an object they are analyzing. At the home, people with near vision difficulties are able to enhance their vision with a magnifier. With this, the text on a page will seem larger, and therefore easier to read. While magnifiers function well, handheld magnifier lights are useful to project adequate light onto an object for greater clarity. In fact, with more light used, it is possible to use a lower magnification power and thus work on a wider field of vision. This occurs as the field of vision of a magnifier decreases as magnification power increases. Handheld magnifier lights are great as they are small and portable. This means they can be taken along and used whenever needed. Apart from that, they are fitted with bulbs that project the right amounts of light with minimal shadowing. While non-portable desktop or standing magnifying lamps usually use 22 watt incandescent lamps for lighting, these are too large for their handheld cousins. As an alternative, bright LED lights are used for these magnifiers that are usually powered by AA or AAA size batteries. In order to conserve energy, they can be turned off and on and only used to illuminate objects in low light condition, or when lower magnification power is used. While LED handheld magnifier lights cost less than $20 each, a more expensive version Xenon handheld magnifying glass, costs between $60 and $100. These lights are extra bright and are great when extra lighting is needed for work. When using handheld magnifier lights, its best to hold the magnifier as close to your eye as possible. Then turn on the light and slowly bring the object from a distance towards your eye until it comes into focus. With this, you will be able to maximize the view and at the same time reduce image distortions. Get The Most From Your Hand Held Magnifying Lens

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・ Get The Most From Your Hand Held Magnifying Lens

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