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Great Tips On Server Rentals As a business owner, you may never have considered server rentals. You may be wondering when you would ever rent a server instead of buying. Here are just a few reasons why server rentals make sense: Replication of Your Network for Training or Testing Large-scale training or product testing projects can be resource-intensive. Many companies choose to create a separate, temporary network for these kinds of projects. Server rentals can be arranged for a short-term training session or long-term testing project. By creating a replica of your network, you can let your employees learn and test in a realistic working environment. Disaster Planning Have you thought about the damage that could occur to your network in the event of a flood or fire? What about server failure or theft? While such occurrences are rare, you should be prepared. Server rentals give you a temporary replacement so you can get your business up and running while you wait for your new equipment. Relocation Anyone who has moved an office knows the challenges and headaches that can result. Whether you are expanding into a new office across the hall or moving across the city, you need to maintain day-to-day operations while your equipment is in transit. Server rentals provide a temporary file storage solution until your move is completed. They can also bring you peace of mind a rented server can act as a backup in case anything goes wrong when your equipment is transferred between your old and new offices. Here are a few tips for planning server rentals: Be clear about your needs. Make sure you know the operating system and software you need to run. Server rentals are only successful if they have the right configuration for your needs. If you arent sure what equipment you need, talk to your vendor. Their technical support staff should be able to guide you. Be safe. If the temporary network you are setting up provides access to the Internet, it is essential that you have adequate virus protection. Companies that provide server rentals usually rent or sell virus scanners and firewalls. Talk to your vendor about your options for virus protection software. Dont forget the extras. Along with server rentals, you will need cabling, routers and wireless access points, and may need storage arrays. Talk to your vendor about this equipment when you seek your initial quote for service. Be prepared. Get to know your vendor. Do they have a wide range of equipment? Can they get server rentals to you with short notice? Renting a server can be painless when renting from the right company with technical support tailored to your individual needs. Choose your rental company wisely and your next project will be a major success. Ask for 24/7 phone support or better yet, rent a tech from the server rental company. With the right research, you can find a dependable vendor to get you file server technology when you need it. Keep their number handy you never know when the need for server rentals will arise.

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・ Great Tips On Server Rentals

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