Mõistmise konverentskõne Etiquette

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There are protocols to be followed when a conference call is in session. These rules apply as the etiquette that you should maintain to ensure that the con call goes off well. You should respect the etiquette of a conference call, and deal with a conference meeting just as you would deal with a person sitting face to face. It is true that no one can see you, but it would be wrong to take advantage of such a situation. Ka, do remember that everyone will somehow know if your attention seems to have been diverted. Pea meeles, that you always leave an impression when you finish your conference. So you should make the best presentation of yourself, irrespective of whether anyone can see you or not. Make sure that you know the ground rules for the conference meetings, and what you should or should not do. You must be able to draw the attention of the participants by following the right teleconferencing manners. You need to make sure that you make a good impression on others. The basic rules for maintaining conference call etiquette are as follows: 1. Be on time to attend the conference. 2. Be prepared with all relevant documents and the subject matter. 3. Listen to what everyone else is saying. 4. See that you participate actively in the conference. The above are very preliminary things that you can do to make sure that the call goes off well. In some conference call systems, the set is programmed to beep as and when a new participant appears. This beeping can confuse and disrupt ongoing conference calls. Aga, in most of such conference call equipment you can turn off the beeping by dialing a code. If you are not sure regarding about this, you should check with your local phone service provider. If you are the host of the conference call, it is expected that you will arrive a few minutes early and greet all the participants. While you are doing this, you will also find out if everyone is present and what is a good time to start the meeting. Presenting yourself earlier would also help you to deal with the pre-mature discussions which might be arise in the beginning. Though people are in a different place from where you are, it is always pertinent not to indulge in something else while a conference call is on. You should not walk into a conference call with a bag of potato chips and munch away while attending the meeting. Always remember that such sound travels through the network and may be audible to the other people who are participants on that call. As a host, you should introduce each person as and when all the participants are online. As you introduce each person, say something about where they come from. If the use of cell phones has not specifically been included in the conference call, you should switch off your cell phone, or put it on vibrator mode. Üldiselt, it is recommended to avoid using one’s cell phone while the conference is on. Mõistmise konverentskõne Etiquette

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・ Understanding Conference Call Etiquette

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