Ergonomics To Help With RSI

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There are several computer related ergonomics that can assist and help ease the discomfort from repetitive stress injury. The first place to start if you are one that has to sit a computer for extended periods of time would be for you to change the type of keyboard that you use. Ergonomic keyboards are the ones that are split in the middle which allow for a more comfortable and natural reach for the keys. Or you can get a raised keyboard that puts your writs in a more comfortable and natural position for you as you type. Also available is a vertical and split keyboard that keeps your hands in the handshake position as you type for optimal physical positioning. This type of specialty keyboard is currently rather pricey. For a more cost effective approach you should visit your local office store and check for the various computer ergonomic devices that pad and help keep your joints in the proper position to guard against repetitive stress injury. Next up to evaluate is your chair. Is it comfortable, sturdy, and conducive to you sitting with proper posture? If not, you should purchase one that is and does promote good posture. Maintaining good posture as you type goes a long way toward preventing the onset of the pain associated with repetitive stress injury. If you type excessively and still battle against those twinges of pain in the hands and wrists, you should take a serious look at voice recognition software. Today, the technology of voice recognition software is quite acceptable and, in fact, is very much faster than conventional typing. Also, depending upon your needs, you should look at alternative pointing devices instead of using the convention computer mouse. Also, dont forget about the desk or table that your monitor sits upon. Getting an adjustable set up is ideal as you can adjust the height of your workstation to perfectly fit your body style. Speaking of the monitor make sure you dont skip on your monitor. Make sure you get one that displays the font clearly and doesnt glare on your eyes; thus making it easier on your eyes and reducing your eye strain. A nice to have is also a footrest. This is an often overlooked item for the computer workstation; but a nice footrest can make a world of difference for your comfort and your posture. You can even find them that have roller balls so you can gently massage your feet during the course of your time sitting at the computer. But no matter what you have for the hardware configuration around your computer workstation the number one rule in preventing repetitive stress injury is to take frequent short breaks away from your computer work station and do some light stretching. These to tips alone can save you from ever having to deal with the pain from repetitive stress injury. Ergonomics To Help With RSI

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・ Ergonomics To Help With RSI

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