Digital Photo Printing For Canvases

The best way to create and transform a favorite photo into a striking piece of photo art for display on the wall is to make a canvas print from digital photos. Printing digital photo on canvas is also useful for personalized gifts such as wedding and anniversary gifts, etc. There are a few important things you should know before you hand over your digital images to digital photo printing service and order a canvas print. The photographic quality of your canvas will ultimately depend on the size and quality of the original image you submit. For example, for a digital camera that produces high 5 Megapixel resolution images, canvas size ranging from 32 cm x 25 cm to 117 cm x 90 cm can be reliably used for digital printing. On the other hand, a low 2 Megapixel resolution can be reliably used only on canvas size ranging from 32 cm x 25 cm to 65 cm x 50 cm. So, in order to get the best quality digital print on canvas, it is recommended to set your camera to the highest resolution possible, and carefully select a canvas size suitable for the image. You can also print photos taken with analog/conventional cameras for digital print on canvas by scanning them. The quality of the resulting print will depend on the size and quality of the scanned image. So, remember to check what dpi your image will need to be scanned at, to determine your preferred size of print on canvas. For example, for a 5 cm x 8 cm photo scanned at 600 dpi, a canvas of 40 cm x 40 cm is needed to prevent the resulting print on canvas from pixilating (reduce in image quality). Most digital photo printing services can do the scanning for you, but if you are careful enough when doing it on your own, you save a few dollars on a great piece of photo art. There are a few things you should look for before doing business with a digital photo printing service. According to TopTenREVIEWS, these are the criteria to evaluate digital photo printing services Ease of Ordering Process the digital photo printing service should provide customers with quick ordering steps that are easy to follow Quality of Prints – the original digital photo should be duplicated with the closest resemblance on the print Pricing – price reductions and discounts should be offered for bulk orders and prepaid orders Shipping Costs – shipping charges should be kept to a minimum Turnaround Time there should be a quick turnaround time without charging additional fees Digital Photo Printing For Canvases

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・ Digital Photo Printing For Canvases

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