Microsoft CRM – 10 Reasons To Choose Dynamics CRM

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1 Familiar look and feel to MS CRM. MS Dynamics CRM extends Outlook therefore the training required to use Dynamics CRM is minimal. 2. A single holistic view of all your customer information. One place to find all the correspondence youve had with your customers. No duplication, easy to find information and a better customer experience. 3. Powered by MS SQL Server SQL Server powers MS CRM this allows you to create a powerful reporting feature set that will drive your business to exploit more profitable avenues and avoid costly customers & products in favour of more lucrative pursuits. 4. Help secure your companys information. Your customers information is a very valuable. Your competitors would love it! Your ex-employees may covet that information as the changes roles. Protecting your information is vital. Dynamics helps to do this by limiting access to the data while allowing all the relevant data to each role to be accessible. 5. Achieve a high ROI MS CRM is cost effective and an innovative product that drives your sales forward and upward. This creates a high return on investment. 6. Send and receive faxes and emails within the CRM interface (outlook). Really convenient everything a busy sales person needs to do can be done with a few easy clicks. 7. MS CRM is easy to maintain. MS CRM is built around standard Microsoft technologies: SQL Server, Exchange, windows and active directory. 8. MS Dynamics CRM is highly customizable. Make your CRM work the way your business those not the other way round! 9. Cost effective and widely supported. Because MS CRM is built on Microsoft technologies there is a wide network of experts out there ( Microsoft Certified Systems engineers ) that can support the technologies that the CRM System relies on. 10. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is pretty! Dynamics CRM looks great. The system is intuitive and looks the way you imagine it should. The practicalities of everyday use have been thoroughly considered when designing this product. Microsoft CRM – 10 Reasons To Choose Dynamics CRM

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・ Microsoft CRM – 10 Reasons To Choose Dynamics CRM

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