An Online Telescope Brings Star Gazing Home

To access the Internet, we must first open up our Internet browser. Once the browser has been activated we can either select one of our favorite web sites or go to the address bar and type in the Internet address that we wish to access. Generally, when typing in the web sites address we begin with the letters www. These initials stand for World Wide Web. Now, however, by logging on to certain web sites, we can view and gain information through our computers that transcends the World Wide Web. Through our computers we can capture, view and study images that are obtained from far beyond the earths atmosphere. Specifically, through the internet, we have the opportunity of viewing worlds beyond our world by accessing an online telescope. How It Works The process involved in accessing an online telescope viewing opportunity requires coordinating of viewing times and dates. An individual, at the participating observatory, is normally assigned to coordinate the requests. Once the e-mail has been received and the time is scheduled, the coordinator, that is facilitating the use of the online telescope, will respond to the request. The process is completed once the telescope records the images that were viewed based on the given request. Once the images are posted an e-mail, with the link, is sent to the individual who made the request. That individual can then just simply click on to the imbedded link and access the photos that reflect their specific request provided by the online telescope. Two Viewing Methods The individual making the request can ask that the online telescope be utilized a number of ways. In addition, the observatory may honor requests for different colored filters to be utilized when requested by the viewer. One of the viewing methods includes the viewer requesting that certain specific coordinates be captured. These coordinates may correspond to the position of a specific star, system, etc. If the person making the request is asking for specific coordinates to be observed, they can accomplish this by accessing the available catalogs that can help provide these specific coordinates. The other method simply provides an image by the online telescope of the general areas of space. The online user can simply request that the planet Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, etc, be viewed by the online telescope and that its image be captured. In addition, this method can simply request that general areas of deep space be observed. An Online Telescope Brings Star Gazing Home

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・ An Online Telescope Brings Star Gazing Home

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